Drum type slitting machine

MSC can make economical & yet to accurate Duplex centre shaft slitting and rewinding machine which can full fill customer need at low cost and compare the machine with markets other supplier.

+ Specification
Web Width 400 – 2500mm
max. dia. Of stock roll 600 - 1000mm
Min. slit width 50 mm
Dia. Of finished roll 400 to 600 / 1000 mm (Optional)
Operating speed 350mpm
4Drive SIEMENS based system
Web guiding system( Digital Ultra Sonic)
Optional Features

- Ball screw based web liner operating through VFD.

+ Description
1) Most versatile, model providing combination of duplex center cum surface rewind system
2) Constently flawless slit rolls by providing center driver drum to maintain .Fixed minimum distance between slitting and rewind point
3) Constant line speed causes constant tension rolls.
4) Two Rewinding shafts carried on swinging arms are center driven through Individual AC motors
5) Counter balance system to adjust the pressure between rewind reels and center drum
6) Suitable for off caliper / slippery / stretchy material
7) In special case rewinding shaft can be supplied with provision of individual.Different slip assembly for each slit reels
8) Slitting methods as per customer requirement like: Scissor cut/crush cut (Circular knives)/ Razor blade slitting system
Shaft less unwinder with 3” & 6” core facility with Up – Down & Clamp-Dclamp feature Which will be controlled by AC motor.
1) Type of slitting: Razor in groove/circular rotary slitting system. One full width capacity grooved roller.
2) Trim removal system: 2 HP blower with full width Pipe for trimming along with a trim Injector unit/ TRIM winder.
3) Quick and easy system for change over from one Slitting mode to another and from one slit width to another.
One full width capacity hard chrome plated steel roller of 150mm diameter. One full width capacity rubber roller of 150 mm diameter. Pressure is Pneumatically applied from the operation side of the machine.
Type of Rewinding : Air shaft will be provided for heavy load & Ultra-sonic sensor to maintain rewind dia Quick lock unit for rewinding .operator friendly remote control panel provided at rewind for electrical and pneumatic system. Both Re winder will be controlled by individual ac motor with common feedback of ultrasonic sensor.