SolventLess Machine

The MSC-SL is a duplex laminator dedicated to Solventless applications. It is a compact and efficient machine with superior specifications and performance in terms of machine productivity and quality of laminated products. MSC's laminators is the highly sensitive web tension control system which can be maintained at extremely low tolerances for a wide spectrum of flexible substrates with different physical properties and varying thicknesses. These can include different material combinations from thin aluminum foil to plastic films and paper.

It has higher compound speed in order to increase productivity. And, there is no wasted costs caused by the solvent evaporation. Also, the coating thickness is very thin with 100% solid ingredient which can reduce a lot of cost. The production won't produce solvent evaporation and there is no solvent residue. It all conforms to food safety regulations. Meanwhile, there's no need for drying chamber which can save energy.

+ Specification
Material Polyester, Film,
Foil, BOPP/LD/
Working Width Up to 1200mm
Heating System Water/Oil 2 Nos.
Dosing Pump Indian
Drive Digital AC/SERVO
Unwind Pneu.Brake/ MOTOR
Pneumatic Indian
Dust Guard Manual
Unwinder/Rewinder Diameter 1000mm
Max Machine Speed 300 M/min,
400 M/min
Application Best for food industries
Optional Features

- High precision measuring steel roller, three rollers for glue transfer.

- Adjust glue amount.

- Independent rubber roller loading/unloading.

+ Description
Created to cover the growing needs of solvent-less lamination on flexible packaging market. Enhanced performance on one hand and easy operating feature on other hand, are the main reasons to select this machine, joined with abilities to handle a wide range of laminating jobs.
By perfectly integration of the new generation of electronics and ergonomically designed mechanical components, the machine is made to deliver optimum performance and productivity.
AC Induction Motor / Servo based (tin lamination also) close loop controller for web handling by using latest generation of electronics. Entire machine operation is controlled and supervises by high performance motion controller having its own intelligent software.
Master operator control panel consist of touch screen operating interface facilities ease in operation. Safety of operator, machine and electronic modules are achieved with the help of necessary hardware protection and intelligent software routines
Distinctively designed and precisely machined strongly and sturdy,steel frame structure, with stiffening tie –rods, maintains accuracy over long dependable life nd ensures less vibration even with optimum line speed. The structure enhances illumination of the working area.
(1) Shaft -less type with automatic positioning flying splicers. Composed of AC vector motors and drives, the systems tension is controlled pneumatically by low friction dancer roller.
(2) Automatic edge position control with infrared sensors.
(1) Shaft-less type with automatic positioning flying splicers. Composed of AC vector motors and drives, the systems tension is controlled pneumatically by low friction dancer roller.
(2) Automatic Taper tensions can also be easily adjusted on the Panel according to different material specifications for curve, slope, or Straight settings.
(3) Two Additional Touch rollers for both rewinding shafts are pneumatically pressure control ensure the smoothness of the rewinding material without any sliding.
The cylinder includes an innovative floating system which. By means of a touch-screen, allows the operator to set and modify , the adhesive quantity easily. The system facilitates cleaning operation easier.
Adhesive applicator zone comprises multi roller transfer system.
(1) R1 roller
(2) R2 roller are metering roller
(3) R3 transfer rubber roller
(4) R4 is application roller
(5) R5 is rubber covered pressure roller, through the high precision machingnd high quality engineering resulted more uniform nd accurate coating across the width of the web.
(1) Specially designed, jacketed type, high precision grounded chrome-plated steel rollers, heating through water/oil to a maximum temperature of 80c. a micro-metric device used to control the gap between the r1 & r2 rollers. This gap allows initial adjustment of achesive's amount need to transfer .the gap can be adjusted considering viscosity or type of adhesive used on the machine.
(2) R3 roll( the metring roll) is clad with Vulcan zed rubber and is rectified at the width of the support to be laminated. R3 roll handles the metring and transfers adhesive from r2 to r4, the application roll.
(3) The R1 roll, not driven at time of production but can be rotate manually if required.
(4) The r2 & r3 rolls , driven by common ac servo motor & gear box and controlled through a servo drive. The speed of the r2 & r3v is proportionate to machine speed and can be vary to control the amount of adhesive to apply.
(5) R4 rolltransfers adhesive from the roller r3, to the substrate to laminate .it is made of chrome-plated steel, jackted type ensures uniform heating across the roller face length.
(6) R5 rollmade of steel nd covered with hard rubber, presses the r4 roll by means of two pneumatic cylinders, so that it guarantees the total transfer of adhesive to the web.
The laminator unit comprises a heates chrome plated ground steel roll, a rider roll, coated with hard rubber & chrome plated steel back-up roller which is driven by pneumatic pistons which can be adjusted at both ends. The steel back-up roller is press against the rubber roller for a total parallelism nd to avoid any rubber roller flexion.
The laminator steel roll is driven by an independent motor synchronized with the applicator unit motor by loadcells , so the tension on the web carrying the adhesive to the point of lamination can be controlled with great precision.
Specially designed, dynamically balanced low friction-low inertia idle rollers made of Aluminum alloy, mounted on low friction bearings, enhance rotational smoothness.