Wet Lamination

MSC's range of converting machinery is designed and developed to achieve high standards in flexible packaging. It's state-of-the art technology offers freedom to carry out even difficult jobs.

+ Specification
Web Width 400 – 2400mm
Unwind Rewind Diameter 600 - 1000mm
Hot Air Temp 50 – 150 / 250°C
Machine Speed 60 – 200 M/Min.
Heat Source Hot Air Generator (Optional)
Exhaust 5 HP
Synchronized Drive 3 HP for Coater,
3 HP for Nip,
5 HP Rewind & Positive Drive
(Optional) With color touch operating panel.
Material to be Laminated Polyester/Poly/Paper/BOPP/Aluminum Foil/HDPE Fabrics etc.
Optional Features

- Air Shaft.

- Pull roll assembly ( In feed drive )

- Wet Lamination arrangement.

- Extra blower & Exhaust Individual for each zone.

- Chill Roll

- Ink Circulating with Viscosity Control.

+ Description
1) Carefully and methodically machined strong and sturdy heavy duty frame structure having good combination of plate with MILD STEEL, to maintain over long dependable life. This distinctively designed frame structure mounted on heavy-duty base.
2) Gravure type coating system.
3) Cantilever type impression pressure assembly actuated with pneumatic piston for rubber roll Doctor blade and Nip Roller.
4) Fully insulated imported special glass wool sheet fitted in the panel (Top side & Bottom ) For controlling heat loss.
5) One & One Slit type counter air flow arrangement, Divided equally are placed against roller for proper web support.
6) Exhaust are distributed through-out the length of drying chamber & individual exhaust duct for each zone.
7) Digital temperature controller with indicator & PT 100 sensor for each Zone.
8) Inside heating for Nip Steel roller.
9) Heavy duty Shaft types fix Rewinder with motor
10) CT. SRA Web system for controlling the Web after the drying tunnel & two web for primary & Secondary unwind.
11) AC Digital drive based automatic web tension control systems: Load cell closed loop AC digital vector controlled THREE drive system on (1) Primary unwind station (2) Secondary unwind station (3) Coating station (4) Laminating station (5) Rewind station. These types of control loops ensure constant tension through-out reel run, right up to core diameter.
12) High efficient nine meters Insulated-drying chamber divided in four zones with exhaust system consists with hot air generator or thermic fluid heating system with automatic temperature controller. 13) The machine is fitted with worm gearboxes, which ensure smooth rotation at all speed level. 14) Catwalk through-out the length of the machine.
1) Tension control Brake Unit with load cell feedback (Electrical/Pneumatic).
2) Moveable unwind with web guide.
1) Independent A.C. Drive.
2) Pre – Heating / Exhaust.
1) Load cell feedback for coating & Nip.
2) Pneumatic lifting of top door.
3) Cat walk for full length drying chamber.
4) Programmable Temperature Control.
5) Positive tunnel drive.
1) Diesel / Coal or Wood Fired Air Heater / Thermic fluid Heater with Blower.
1) Web Chaser
1) A. C. synchronize Drive with Load cell.
2) Center winding system/ Surface.